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Top-End Engine Rebuild 3: Reassembly, Cleanup, and Water-Testing

Part-three beings with placing the newly re-manufactured heads onto the engine block dowel pins to torque down with new head bolts in the torque sequence determined by the OEM Mercruiser Manual. After the cylinder head is torqued down in sequence, the push rods are reinstalled onto the lifters and the rocker arms are also torqued to specification.

Both cylinder heads reinstalled

After the cylinder heads were reinstalled, the intake manifold was re-installed and torqued to specification.

After the intake manifold was reinstalled, the engine was put back together with new exhaust manifolds, belts, spark plugs, distributor cap and rotor, spark plug wires, and a fresh coat of paint. The mechanical fuel pump, impeller, and other bits and pieces were also replaced.

After completion, the engine compartment was cleaned for water testing.

The boat water-tested exceptionally well and has run about 100 hours since with no further issues!


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